How To Locate A Globe Number Using Globe’s TRACKER Service

In Globe, Mobile, Transactions/Tips on December 16, 2008 at 4:56 am

Have you ever wondered if you can track exactly where your wife/husband/child/relative/friend is at any given time? Yes, you can. This service is available for ALL Globe subscribers, prepaid or postpaid.

**Conditions for Tracking**

For Globe Tracker to work properly, the following conditions must be met:
1. It must be a Globe number/SIM.
2. The phone must be turned ON.
3. The phone you want to track must be able to confirm/accept your request for tracking. This will be pre-configured prior to the time you will do the tracking from your own Globe phone.  (Don’t ask me how you’re supposed to do it. You can ask outright or try to be sneaky — it depends on you). I don’t encourage tricky set-ups though.
4. The phone/number being tracked must be reasonably near or within the Globe network coverage area (but of course).

How To Set-Up Tracking on a Certain Phone/Number:
1. In your phone’s “Write Message” option, type FIND <name you want for that number>, <GLOBE NUMBER>, YOUR-TRACKER-PIN>

2. Send t0 7000.

3. You will receive a confirmation message that says “Tracker: Please wait while we ask <name’s> permission if you can locate him. He has to accept within 24 hours. You may also send or receive emergency alerts by calling *77 on the cellphone. For more info send SOS HELP to 7000. For FREE Tracker info, text HELP to 7000.

4. The person you want to track, on the other hand, will receive this message: “Tracker: Greetings! <name of tracker>, <tracker’s number> would like to ask ur permission to locate you. Text YES <name of tracker> to 7000 within 24 hours to accept request. To decline invite, text NO <name of tracker>. Yes or No replies are FREE. By accepting,  you agree to the Tracker terms and conditions of use found in For FREE Tracker info, text HELP to 7000.

5. If the person you want to track responds with a YES, then you’re good to go. If that person responds with a NO, then you can’t track him/her.

How To Track A Previously Set-Up Number’s Exact Location Using Another Phone:

1. From your phone’s “Write Message” menu, type FIND (space) REGISTERED-NAME, REGISTERED-NUMBER, TRACKER-PIN.

2. Send to 7000.

3. Wait for message saying tracked phone’s exact location. It will appear as something like this: “JOHN is in the gen area of/near Brgy Loma, Binan, Laguna. To view map of your friend’s location, text MAP <name>, <PIN> to 7000. P10/MMS. Ex. MAP John, 1234. For FREE Tracker info, text HELP to 7000.

4. Easy as pie, isn’t it. 🙂

  1. how accurate is it?

  2. hi! i just want to know what does it mean when the tracker replies the location GMLC-202? What do I have to do with that?

  3. how much does this cost?

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